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1880: Maurice Oscar COCHON was an independent inventor living in La Madeleine (near Lille). He created an ointment containing salicilic acid acting against foot corns thanks to the keratolytic actionThe M.O COCHON ointment was born. 

1950: M.O COCHON ointment is produced by a pharmaceutical company located in La Madeleine.

1989: Manuel DASSONNEVILLE, young student graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Lille, takes over the M.O COCHON pharmaceutical company and transferred it on a modern industrial manufacturing site in Armentières.

1996: M.O COCHON Company became “Laboratoire TRADIPHAR”.

1997: Laboratoire TRADIPHAR bought Thermogène manufacturing site to install its pharmaceutical plant.

2000-2005: Laboratoire TRADIPHAR sells and takes part in several manufacturing steps in pharmaceutical products, medical devices and cosmetics.

2007: TRADIPHAR increased its variety of products. It received its quality system certification concerning its medical devices which are CE marked.

2010: Laboratoire TRADIPHAR developed the manufacture of several cosmetics on its site.

2015: Laboratoire TRADIPHAR has created a new corporate website to inform on its products and its actualities.