Welcome to the corporate website of Laboratoire TRADIPHAR


The French law of 29 December 2011 (also called “Bertrand Law”) and implementing decree no. 2013-414 of 21 May 2013 make provision for an obligation of publication of related links on websites for phar-maceutical laboratories from 1 October 2013.

The purpose of these measures is to improve the independence and impartial nature of decisions taken concerning healthcare. Two types of related links are made public:
- conventions which mutually commit healthcare companies and stakeholders concerning certain obliga-tions;
- benefits including everything which is allocated or paid, without counterparty, by the company to any healthcare stakeholder.

In this context, personal data collected is electronically processed and intended to guarantee the trans-parency of conventions and benefits conferred by TRADIPHAR laboratory.

Data is intended for the general public and can be accessed on the French government website available at: www.transparence.sante.gouv.fr

Pursuant to the French data protection and freedom of information act of 6 January 1978 amended in 2004, you have a right to access and amend your personal information, which you can exercise by writ-ing to the laboratory (176 rue de l’arbrisseau – 5900 LILLE).

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is not possible to object to processing of this data insofar as the "transparent links" mechanism is compulsory.

This data will be accessible to the public for a term of 5 years following the date of publication online. If any convention is applicable beyond a period of 5 years, information pertaining to this convention is once more published after this timescale.