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Dry-Foot actively fights excessive perspiration effects and its consequences. Long term effect.
Fight excessive sweating of foot. Regularises perspiration. Deodorises.  Immediatly absorbs sweat.

How to use Dry-Foot ? 

-Persistant excessive perspiration
Every morning, apply Dry-Foot on foot or pour a sachet into your socks or panty hose during 5 to 6 consecutive days. This care will be effective during some days.

-Occasional excessive perspiration
During particular circumstances favoring excessive perspiration, especially during long effort, sport training or wearing waterproof shoes, apply Dry-Foot powder. It will absorb humidity excess, neutralise odours and appease irritations. 

Available in powder and sachets.

Powder. Bottle of 50g.
Identification Code: 34015 647 511 2 9

Sachet. Box of 12 sachets of 2.5g 
Identification Code:  34015 612 445 3 2